Rebecca Tomlinson, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Registered Etheric Health Practitioner & Clinical Iridologist


Life coaching is a process of working with a mentor that can guide and coach you to live in the most activated and successful way possible. All of us can use some help in navigating difficulties in our lives or could benefit from having a personal cheerleader encourage us in our greatest aspirations. No matter where we are in our life we can all benefit from an encouraging perspective and being guided to accept our “best self”. When coaching is combined with intuitive guidance and a great knowledge of a high performance mindset you have a winning combination.


Rebecca offers her coaching in a very welcoming, encouraging and inspiring manner. Miraculous Living Life Coaching is about learning how to accept your true nature as a powerful creator who is DESERVING & CAPABLE of love, joy, abundance and peace in their everyday life! Combining intuition, high performance principles and spiritual/esoteric teachings she offers an extremely powerful experience to encourage you to accept the best you can be. Intuition is extremely helpful in the field of coaching as it helps to know exactly where the most attention needs to be put and offers guidance in all areas of life. High performance principles are actions, mindsets and best practices that happy and successful people use to operate in their daily lives. When we apply a new habit or mindset into our lives we can see immense changes in how efficient and satisfied we are with our lives. Spiritual and esoteric teachings give a firm foundation for the understanding of where our true power lies and where our really ambition can be accessed. All of these principles and skills are taught in an accessible and practical manner so you can see real happy and healthy results in your life!! Learn how to be more in touch with your self and surroundings, feel like you have true control over your life and your level of success!


Deal for September: 30 minute session = $30 (reg $35), 60 minute session = $60 (reg $70), 90 minute session = $90 (reg $100)

Best deal: 3X 90 minute sessions for = $250 ($50 savings!!)

Free 15 minute “interview” – see if Miraculous Life Coaching is right for you

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