Thank you to those who were able to join us last night for session #1 of this 6 part series on Meditation. Last nights’ focus was on the physical benefits of meditation – how to use mediation to relax and help you become more in touch with your body and how that in turn, helps with physically healing ailments.

I love to share resources each time so last night’s share was a book called The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal. In this book you can look up some symptoms you may be experiencing to help you identify what stressors/thoughts/beliefs that you are holding onto that may be contributing to these symptoms. This is never about blaming yourself for your ailments, it is about self awareness and empowerment! Great positive changes can come from that. She also includes suggestions on what to do now that you have recognized may be happening for you.
Next Wednesday night’s session will focus on how to deal with the busy mind during meditation and how to use it to help you heal and reduce your stress.
Looking forward to seeing you and feel free to bring a friend.

Jill McPherson

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