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Iridology is a non-invasive and effective assessment tool; where the practitioner explores the irises of the eyes to look for strengths and weaknesses in the body. The whole body and it’s systems are mapped out clearly in the irises indicating whether they are properly function, weak or perhaps compromised. Using this assessment tool it will uncover any nutritional or tissue weaknesses in the body that may contribute to illness, especially mental imbalances such as depression, anxiety or obsessive compulsions.


The body is a beautiful network of intricate organs and body systems that work in collaboration to enable you to be healthy and able to properly interact with the world around you. Through iridology you can see what organs or tissues may be weak in their functions and how that may contribute to a weakness in health and wellness. When there is weakness in the body we start to experience symptoms or imbalances, mental illness is no exception as there is many body systems that contribute to your mental wellness.


When the weaknesses are assessed, then you can put forward an action plan to strengthen and even rebuild the tissues through diet, lifestyle and emotional/mental tools. Your body is resilient and is always seeking to rebalance and heal, it is mostly a matter of giving it the building blocks through foods and perhaps some supplements, and adopting nourishing lifestyle habits. Equally important is unlocking emotional and mental blocks, which can be called the psychosomatic connection, where the body comes to reflect the emotional/mental upsets as a biofeedback of what does not serve us.


Depression and anxiety has many contributing factors, a combination of physical and emotional blockages, some of which are unique to the individual. There are many ways in which the person can be supported and nourished, depression and mental imbalances can be worked through. It is helpful to have as many tools to contribute to the healing process. Iridology is an extremely helpful way of assessing what the physical imbalances may be. Proceeding with nutrient dense diet and lifestyle and incorporating emotional and mental tools are a natural and effective way to work with these some times extremely debilitating conditions.


Rebecca Tomlinson works at the Being in Balance and is offering Iridology, along with Nutritional and Holistic Lifestyle consulting, and Miraculous Life Coaching. Blending her modalities she can educate you on how to bring yourself back to a happy and healthy place in your life! If you or someone you love has been struggling with depression or anxiety, it’s time to shine a light on the cause and SOLUTION to living a more lightful and fulfilling life!




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For the month of April Rebecca Tomlinson is offering $25 half hour Iridology, Nutrition/Lifestyle Consulting, and Miraculous Life Coaching sessions. Services offered on Monday, Fridays and Sundays. Regular Price $35 – $10 off!!


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