Medium Jodi Jones


 My calling as a Lightworker began at the very beginning of this lifetime.

As a small child I was always drawn to the people ( or they were brought to me) who needed to be helped the most.

The broken ones. The lost Souls.

My Soul chose this particular Journey to really get through many of Life Lessons at an accelerated speed!

I was immersed into the world of Energy Medicine through the doors of my own personal need for Healing on all levels.

My first step was discovering the magical power of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ancient wisdom that it holds.

I studied for years and after investing a huge amount of time, money and effort I became a Licensed Acupuncturist and had a very successful clinical practice for more than 12 years.

Early on in my practice I began having very interesting experiences that were hard for me to explain in any rational way.

I would receive information/ insights about my patients that were always very accurate and insightful. Often information that I couldn’t possibly have known by myself.

And I was having clients who would receive Acupuncture & Acupressure for various ailments and often there would be “Miraculous” results.

It was also during this time that I started to experience “Strange” physical symptoms that no one could explain. I spent many years in the world of Western Medicine trying to find a “Cure” for my unexplained symptoms only to come up with the answer of “Nothing is wrong with you”.



“We are Souls having a Human Experience” 


 I am able to communicate with Spirit in a way that not only helps you to connect with your loved ones in Spirit which can be very therapeutic but to also Connect with your Team of Guides and Angels to gain valuable insights into you and your experiences.
My connection with Spirit is incredibly Strong and gives my clients the most accurate Readings.

My Journey then took me farther into the “Spiritual” and Holistic world of Healing  where I sought out someone to help me find answers.

This too was a very long journey and through working with many different Teachers and Healers it all began to make sense.

Well more sense anyway…

I’d love to say that it ALL just made perfect sense in one massive aha moment but ……

Really it was a whole bunch of little insights that helped me to see that it was Spirit who was trying to communicate and work with me and that all of the fear that I held on to so tightly was blocking this communication.

I finally discovered that there was a reason why I was so Sensitive.

There were very good reasons why I was an Empath.

It was all part of who I needed to be in order to be Of Service to Others.

The Spirit world had a very important plan for me and each step that I had taken until now was necessary to give me the first hand experience that would be incredibly helpful for others.

It is through my own Healing that I am able to help others the most.
So through many years of study and self development with some incredible teachers,

I have successfully learnt how to interpret energy fields and be a Channel for Spirit to work through me. 


One of the most important things that I have learned from Channeling Spirit is the validation of Life after Life!

Everything that we have been taught about death and dying is much different than what I have experienced first hand through my Readings. This is stuff that changes lives!

My Story

Being Spiritual has very little to do with what the world would have you believe it is and everything to do with what your Soul knows it is.

There is no such thing as an Accident or Coincidence!


From the time I was very young I could easily read the energy of people, places and things……

I had no idea that everyone wasn’t doing this.

I now realize this is part of the reason why I have always felt different from others. Why I didn’t always “Fit” in.

Navigating through Life as a Sensitive Empath has definitely been an interesting Journey so far!

And thankfully my Team of Guides and Angels have felt that I was ready to begin Consciously working with them on a much profound deeper level.

As I had finally reached a place where I was ready to Consciously begin receiving their much needed Guidance and support.

I suppose they needed me to do some discovering on my own…..


Consciously Connecting!


My Team of Guides and Angels now help me with everything I do, whether it’s working with clients or for my own personal support!

They are such an important part of my Souls Journey and I honestly could not ( would not want to) do this without them.

The more I began to have the awareness of my Spirit Team the stronger my connections became!

The Clearer my visions became!

They have taught me how to clear, protect, ground and work with energy. They have helped me to remember that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!

They have given me great insight into why we CHOOSE to come here as Souls.

And one of the most important things that they have taught me is that there is no such thing as a coincidence or accident!

So it’s time to keep your eyes open for all of the signs and synchronicity that is showing up for you right now!

This is just one of the ways your Team will be Connecting with you.

I Am also here to help you “See” the Signs.