Medium Jodi Jones

I’m so excited that you’ve found me! 

Spirit has an amazing ability of connecting you with me at the exact moment you need us the most.

Thank you Spirit!

With decades of experience in a wide range of disciplines, I see the Big Picture when identifying my clients’ needs and helping them along their Spiritual Journey. Together with my Team of Guides and Angels we shine the light for you to see!

As an…….

  • Empowered Empath
  • Spiritual Medium & Guide
  • Psychic
  • Reconnective Healer®
  • Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy

I Am ready to help you become better aligned with your Higher Self!

Medium Jodi Jones 

Instantly Raise your Vibration!

I am inviting you to join me for what just may be the most important thing that you do for yourself ever.

Join me in tapping into and getting into alignment with the highest vibrational version of you that you have ever known!

We are going to hard wire a brand new story line into your experience!

“I have been to several other Mediums and Jodi was the only one who was able to bring through my brother who I lost in a tragic accident. I’m so thankful for her ability to bring him to us again.” 


“We were blown away by her accuracy! We were so impressed that we booked another group session for the rest of our family to come again. Jodi is really good at what she does!” 


“Hello Jodi
I can’t thank you enough for my reading on Saturday. I was so surprised by how many of my loved ones came through. Especially my dad. It meant so much to me to hear his words come through you. You will never know how much I needed to hear that.
Thank you so much!”


“Hi Jodi
I never thought that I would believe in miracles but you were brought to me at the exact time I needed help the most. Your reading was so insightful and has given me a completely different perspective on my life. 
Over the week after my reading I have listened to the recording probably 50 times!
Each time I listen to it I hear something new.
I’m now writing everything down in my journal and it is incredibly therapeutic.
I’ve told my whole family about you so you should be expecting some phone calls!
I’m looking forward to my next Reading.
Thank you “



Reconnective Healing

Past Life Regression

Soul Guidance Mentoring

Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Body - Mind - Soul Healing Session

The Big Picture

As a Medium, Psychic, Empath, Spiritual Guide and Channel I am here to help you remember that you are so much more than this “Human Vehicle” that you have chosen to drive.

Growth on a Souls level can look much different for everyone.

 We all have specific Life Lessons that we have come here to work on…..or better yet to EXPERIENCE.

And we have absolutely come here for the EXPERIENCE OF IT ALL!

There is no ‘One size fits all’ prescription for navigating your Journey, but it really helps to look at “The Big Picture” when it comes to seeking insights and answers about why you’ve come here and who you really are.

Sometimes we need Guidance and Support through our Journey. 

That’s where I can help!

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